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This fast-paced and exciting coffee-serving game will challenge you to mazzznage your time. You’ll soon find out that running a coffee shop ain’t that easy!
Characters Feature Image
Meet the wackiest ducks in Duck City!  All 15 characters are carefully designed in their looks and personalities to give you the “aww’s” and “argh’s”!
Comics Feature Image
Watch the love story unfolds in 12 pages of comics as you play through the levels.  The twists and turns in the story and cute comics will make your coffee adventure much more meaningful!
63 Levels Feature Image
63 Levels
Every 21 levels, Ducky expands the shop. There are always surprises and new challenges for you.  Be prepared for the addictive fun!
Music Feature Image
The joyful game music and the realistic sound effects will make you think you are a real barista! All music is composed just for Ducky!
Simple Controls Feature Image
Simple Controls
From swiping to clicking, every move is made more accurate and instinctive.  More control, less frustration, better game experiences.